Carrie Nelson

Another Year of Schnibbles 2012



Two Percent

Dimestore, miniature avec les restes

Leap Year

Summer Day

Insert Snappy Title Here

Full House


Sweet Spot

A Year of Schnibbles 2009-2010
Challenge organisé par Sinta et Sherri avec chaque mois un nouveau Schnibbles de Carrie Nelson à réaliser.

State Fair
Joy Luck
Sunday's Best
Pic Nic
Plan C
Winter White
Cindy Lou Who

10 commentaires:

Darlene a dit…

Beautiful, Bea! Take a bow!

julia a dit…

Ces quilts sont très jolis! Well done...congrats on your 12 finishes!

trish a dit…

absolutely beautiful!

Heather a dit…

Your quilts are all beautiful! It's a lot of work making them all :)

Simone de Klerk a dit…

Béa, your parade is so pretty! What a wonderful year it wass (o:

Candace a dit…

So Beautiful and such a wonderful accomplishment.

Carol a dit…

Absolutely beautiful!

Michele a dit…

Love them! They are beautiful......what an accomplishment :-)

Katie a dit…

I love your blog!! Your quilts are BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to know how you get those tabs on the top of your blog like that. You have a tab for Bonnie Hunter and a tab for Miss Rosie's Quilts. That is so interesting!

JoAnne a dit…

I came to look at your blog and am now a follower! I love all of your work. Your Paganini is especailly nice. I have the pattern but have not made it yet.


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