samedi 11 juillet 2009

Country Calendar

Mes 7 premiers blocs sont quiltés.
Et voilà ce que donne le premier rang terminé prêt à coudre au deuxième à qui il manque encore un bloc :

Je pense que je ferai la bordure avec tous les tissus utilisés pour l'appliqué, en petits carrés variés.
Toujours aucune nouvelle du Pincushion Swap : la date limite d'envoi est passée depuis trois semaines et je n'ai toujours rien reçu de ma partenaire secrète. Dommage !

9 commentaires:

Tozz a dit…

I love the colours you have chosen and your blocks look just gorgeous! hugs hugs Bea :)

Amy Hamberlin a dit…

I can't speak French, but you can play from France! Thank you for the comment


The Piece Maker a dit…

Hello Beatrice
I am your secret swap pin cushion partner. I have been checking your blog everyday to see if it has arrived. I am so sorry it is not there yet. It was mailed June 13th which makes it 4 weeks. It should be there this week.....fingers sorry!

celine a dit…

c'est super bien fait ! quelle patience et minutie, bravo !

Tarnyia a dit…

Bea your blocks are looking great and I just love the method you are using to put them together... I will one day try this method:)

Angela a dit…

I love the way the blocks look all together - your fabrics go together wonderfully! Beautiful job!

Helle Sejten a dit…

Very pretty calendars you have make Bea. I love them all.

Fruit of her hands a dit…

I don't speak french either but hope you can read this. Your blocks are just gorgeous!! I love all the details and you do such wonderful work. I am doing mine in just redwork and now I am thinking they are very plain looking when compared to yours. I also love your blog such pretty things.

Kim a dit…

Lovely work........I hope you'll enjoy it for years to come.

What is July 14th?

something like our 4th of July?
A day to celebrate our independence from the English?

Happy sewing


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